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our mission is simple, to bring awareness , and insight, through community engagement, in the importance of protecting and preserving our water resources on this planet, both for the people and life of this now and future generations to unfold. Through our unique approach to collaboration with various nonprofits and other enterprises we have already and will continue to create opportunities for lasting change, purifying humanities relationship with our precious planets water. Our partnerships are developed in unitary contracts which bring accessibility and innovation to solutions which help us serve our community and raise money for our community service efforts. Puraphi is one of 6 branches which delegate specified services and resources for a purpose driven effort such as this one here, protecting and preserving water, community, opportunity, environment and over quality of life in this shared existence

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Critical Service Learning

An engaging co-learning opportunity, Critical Service Learning is a way of learning that combines community service with thinking and reflecting. It helps us understand important issues in society and work together to make positive changes. By doing service and thinking about the reasons behind problems, we can learn how to make a difference and create a fairer world. It teaches us to care, listen, and take action.


Life changing Career Building

Passionate about water? UCAF's critical learning helps you start a business that makes a lasting impact. Gain knowledge, mentorship, and resources. Learn about water issues, create innovative solutions, and build a brand for change. Access a supportive network, collaborations, and funding opportunities. Join UCAF to revolutionize water preservation and drive success while making a difference. Let's make waves of change together!

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say hello to the NEW YOU

Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals and professionals in relevant fields.

Personal Growth: Cultivate empathy, leadership, and teamwork skills.

Practical Skills: Gain hands-on experience and develop critical thinking abilities.

Real-world Impact: Make a tangible difference in solving social issues.

Goal Setting

Community Relationship

Health Management

Personal Brand Development

Product Testimonials




We the people in order to form peace and prosperity

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